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The Massive Small Collective is a global community of changemakers, bound together by the Massive Small principles. We are dedicated to growing the collective and promoting the dissemination of the Massive Small method.

The Collective is administered by ‘Massive Small CIC’ – a non-profit UK-based organisation. It is currently being run by an ‘inception team’ who are focused on growing the collective to being a global community.


Inception Team

The inception team’s role is to put in place the structure and conditions to grow a community with a culture of trust and open sharing.

The inception team connects our Massive Small community through city-based chapters. These chapters provide in-person knowledge sharing, strategic support and run projects that make sense for local contexts. The inception team offers local support within our global network.

The collective is designed to allow many people to coordinate together, and not be dependant on a central hierarchy. The inception team is working to put in place the conditions for this network to scale up and thrive. Our goal is to support the growth but never become a central gatekeeper that inhibits the creative flow of energy throughout the collective.

The team is currently headquartered in London, with members in Cape Town, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Cape Town and Oslo.

If you want to be a part of this team, contact us here.



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Managing the Inception Team

Convening thought leaders to create a constitution

Designing an open-source, distributed network

Urban development theory

Partnerships and Collaboration

Coordinating Fundraising

Andrew describing Massive Small theory at the Hub Westminster

I believe that Massive Small holds the potential for a radically more democratic way of developing cities. One where people are given the means and agency to create economic opportunities for themselves.

I lead a team of urbanists in our London office (at the Urban Innovation Centre), as well as an international group of collaborators.

I am privileged to lead the Massive Small inception team, a group of uniquely talented individuals with a shared vision of how we can revitalise cities. Together we aim to put in place the conditions for Massive Small to become a massively transformative force in the world.

Having grown up in a family of architects and urbanists, I have always wanted to make places better for people, places that support and embody our highest values and potential. Too many modern cities speak to how badly we are missing the mark.

I began to collaborate with my father, Kelvin Campbell, at the same time as encountering complexity theory, and discovering its critical importance in understanding city development. For the past five years, we have been honing the method and produced several publications.

This collaboration has led to my founding the Massive Small Collective, designed to work according to massive small principles, and to be a platform and opportunity for anyone who wants to make real change in the way their cities work.

My studies and experiences have led to this position. I studied Urban Development and Landscape Architecture. Realising the importance of seeing how urban systems are grounded and fundamentally affected by, and dependent on, the larger environmental system; I went on to focus on Sustainability. I also have experience in building transformative communities. Having engaged with chapter-based and purpose-driven organisations like Net Impact and The Natural Step, I now bring this thinking to the formation of this collective.

I hope to serve the community of Massive Small to the best of my ability. If you also see the potential of this platform and would like to get in touch I would be delighted to hear from you, feel free to email me.



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Strategy and implementation

Organisational design

Partnership and relationship management

Research coordination

Complexity thinking & development of theoretical approach

I am most thrilled by the power of imagination to change the way we solve problems. Our ability to think up new futures for our cities and societies, presents us with blueprints that allows us to act differently today. This is why I am a part of the Massive Small Inception team, connecting with a global network of urbanists to imagine these new futures together.

I am a sustainable development specialist, whose role is to envision, strategise and implement interventions for an inclusive and sustainable society. I continue this work with Massive Small, drawing on my knowledge and experience of complexity thinking and development policy and practice.

From 2007-2011, I was privileged to work under the mentorship of leading complexity thinker, Paul Cilliers. Complexity thinking affords me a sensitivity to connection, context and change in policy, strategy and programme design. It leads me to focus on the stuff in between silos and disciplines, on the dynamic relationships between people, organisations, institutions and systems.

Having worked in the public and private sectors, my projects investigated and modelled new resource-efficient solutions to societal challenges. In my most recent role as the Green Economy Coordinator for Western Cape Government, I built partnerships with the OECD, WWF and the International Institute for Sustainable Development. My experience spans green economy policy and strategy, sustainable expansion of local industry (aquaculture), resource planning, renewable energy, sustainable human settlements and sustainable procurement. I have also worked with listed companies across finance, retail, ICT and mining sectors, to understand and address social, environmental and climate change risk and opportunity.

My interest in small interventions with massive impact has led me to focus my most recent research (Mphil) on energy innovation. Specifically, this work speaks to how renewable energy technologies are creating space for new actors, roles and opportunity within energy systems. And further, how the consequent decentralisation of power is supporting local and economic opportunity.

BA Hons. (Politics, Philosophy, Economics), MA (Complexity and Post-structural Philosophy), MPhil (Development Policy and Practice – currently enrolled)


Ceciia Hernandez

Cecilia Hernandez

Chapter Leader

Chicago, US

Shruti 2

Shruti Shankar

Chapter Leader

Los Angeles, US

Chris Mccormick

Chris McCormick

Chapter Leader

Oslo, Norway



Kelvin Campbell

Urban Designer & Originator of Massive Small Theory

London, UK

Rob 2

Rob Cowan

Urban Theorist & Writer

London, UK


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